Experiential Meditation

Natural Meditation

Natural Meditation is the meditation of ancient masters. It is the original and authentic meditation that gave birth to meditation techniques. These ancient masters understood that the most effective way to God was to surrender to God. The type of meditation that embraces this axiom is not generally known. It was originally imparted by the spiritual master (guru) along with shaktipat diksha to only a few disciples.

By learning the practice of Natural Meditation, you have the means to allow Shakti the freedom to act according to Her own intelligence. Your meditation is then spontaneous, and Kundalini can do Her work according to what is needed. With this freedom, She can advance and reach Her destination. The various forms of yoga unfold in organic sequence as a result of this natural process. In time, one naturally attains liberation and union with the Divine.

Shaktipat Intensives

A Shaktipat Intensive with Durga Ma includes shaktipat and initiation into Natural Meditation. You need only continue this natural form of meditation on a regular basis for wonderful and profound experiences take place naturally and effortlessly.